Mega Handloom Cluster Imphal East

Official Visit to Inspect the Construction of Handloom Workshed in Imphal East

October 5, 2023 | by


Recently, an official visit was conducted to inspect the construction progress of the Handloom Workshed under the Mega Handloom Cluster at Imphal East. This visit aimed to assess the development and ensure that the project is on track.

The Handloom Workshed is a significant initiative that aims to support and uplift the handloom sector in the region. It is part of the larger Mega Handloom Cluster project, which focuses on enhancing the infrastructure and facilities for handloom weavers.

During the visit, the officials examined the construction site, reviewed the architectural plans, and assessed the quality of materials used. They also interacted with the project team and workers to understand any challenges faced and provide necessary guidance.

The visit revealed that the construction work is progressing well, with the foundation and structural framework in place. The officials expressed satisfaction with the overall progress and commended the efforts put in by the team.

Once completed, the Handloom Workshed will provide a dedicated space for weavers to carry out their work comfortably. It will be equipped with modern amenities and machinery to enhance productivity and ensure a conducive working environment.

The Mega Handloom Cluster project aims to empower local weavers, promote traditional handloom products, and create employment opportunities. It is a step towards preserving and reviving the rich cultural heritage associated with handloom weaving in Imphal East.


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