Mega Handloom Cluster Imphal East

“The Mega Handloom Cluster Initiative and its Baseline Survey”

October 24, 2023 | by Sonali Warepam

bseline Suvey

A transformative initiative is underway to uplift the lives of Weavers and Artisans in Imphal East District of Manipur. The Cluster Development Executives (CDEs) along with the skilled Textile Designers (TDs) of Mega Handloom Cluster conducted a comprehensive baseline survey across various constituencies in Imphal East, Manipur.

This mission was to engage with numerous weavers within the region, as part of an ambitious endeavor to provide substantial benefits under the Mega Handloom Cluster initiative. This survey marked a crucial step towards understanding the unique needs and opportunities within the handloom industry, with the ultimate goal of promoting economic growth and development in Imphal East.

The Mega Handloom Cluster is a government-driven program aimed at bolstering the handloom industry in various regions of India. The ultimate goal of the Mega Handloom Cluster initiative is to provide significant benefits to the weavers. Through the baseline survey, the Cluster Development Executives and Textile Designers were able to identify specific areas and weavers where support is most needed. This includes skill development, access to high-quality materials,improved market access and more. By addressing these critical aspects, the initiative aims to empower weavers economically and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Imphal East.

The baseline survey conducted by the CDEs and TDs in collaboration with the weavers of Imphal East is a significant step towards realizing the potential of the Mega Handloom Cluster. By engaging with the weavers and understanding their unique needs, this initiative is poised to bring about positive change, not only in the lives of the weavers but also in the economic and cultural landscape of Imphal East. It is a testament to the power of concerted efforts to uplift communities and preserve their invaluable heritage. As the initiative continues to unfold, the weavers of Imphal East are on the path to a brighter, more prosperous future.


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