Mega Handloom Cluster Imphal East

Official Inspection of the Progress of Mega Handloom Cluster at Imphal East, Manipur

October 5, 2023 | by

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The Mega Handloom Cluster at Imphal East, Manipur has been making significant progress in promoting and preserving the rich handloom heritage of the region. Recently, an official inspection was conducted to assess the development and growth of this cluster.

The inspection team comprised of government officials, industry experts, and representatives from various organizations. They visited the cluster to evaluate the infrastructure, production facilities, and the overall impact on the local economy.

During the inspection, it was observed that the Mega Handloom Cluster has been successful in providing employment opportunities to the local artisans and weavers. The cluster has created a conducive environment for skill development and capacity building, enabling the weavers to enhance their traditional techniques and produce high-quality handloom products.

The officials were impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities available at the cluster, including dyeing units, design studios, and weaving centers. These facilities have not only improved the productivity of the weavers but also helped in preserving the traditional art forms.

The inspection team also interacted with the weavers and artisans to understand their experiences and challenges. They appreciated the efforts taken by the government and various organizations in providing financial assistance, training programs, and market linkages to the weavers.

Overall, the official inspection of the Mega Handloom Cluster at Imphal East, Manipur was a resounding success. It highlighted the positive impact of the cluster on the local economy, employment generation, and the preservation of the rich handloom heritage of the region.


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