Mega Handloom Cluster Imphal East

Collaboration of Cluster Development Executives and Textile Designers in Weaver Empowerment.

November 11, 2023 | by Sonali Warepam


Cluster Development Executives (CDEs) assume a multifaceted role that extends beyond fieldwork to encompass vital administrative responsibilities crucial for the advancement of weavers within their clusters. In addition to direct engagement with weavers, CDEs actively manage paperwork and diverse administrative activities. Their comprehensive responsibilities include facilitating insurance schemes such as PMSBY and PMJJBY, along with providing support to weavers in accessing Mudra loans. This holistic approach reflects their unwavering commitment to enhancing the overall well-being and financial security of the weaver community. By seamlessly integrating fieldwork with administrative efficiency, CDEs significantly contribute to the success of initiatives aimed at the upliftment of weavers along with the Textile Designers. To augment their expertise, both CDEs and Textile Designers (TD) diligently attend numerous seminars, continually enriching their knowledge base. This dedication further equips them to explore innovative ideas and products, ultimately opening new avenues for market penetration.

The synergy between the CDEs and Textile Designers is a testament to our commitment to comprehensive support for the weaving community. It reflects our understanding that a holistic approach is essential to ensure the sustainable growth and prosperity of the weavers.


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